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Our Services Include;

  • Technology Transfer 

  • Aligning International Distributors & Agents

  • Creating Joint Venture Partnerships

  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Projects 

  • Transferring Manufacturing Knowhow of any kind and more. 

There is unprecedented untapped potential in the World today

Multiple markets are emerging across the Globe with robust and growing economies and insatiable consumer appetite for latest products and new technologies.


These markets are creating strong opportunities for manufacturers from the developed countries leading in technology. 


The most promising 'Emerging Markets' are The Middle East & North AfricaThe Far East and SouthEast Asia, with an accumulative population of over 2 billion people. 

NEWVision Global Commerce inc. specializes in identifying niche and lucrative opportunities and markets, both domestic and internationally.


These opportunities include latest product lines and breakthrough technologies that are growing significantly with huge potential promise for the near future and beyond.


NEWVision has conducted intense and in-depth research of these International markets and is well-positioned to take the products of USA manufacturers straight to the shelves of the retailers in the markets of over TWO billion people. 

Let NEWVision steer you through your entire journey to success. 

Our 'Turn-key Services' will take you right through from Consultation to Implementation across The World. 

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