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KHAN Business Development Company shall be there with you at every step of the process and make the journey easy for you.

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The Process has been thoroughly tested and has been designed to deliver results considering optimal utilization of time and resources - leading our clients on the path to success.

The KBDC leadership with business development experience of THREE decades has painstakingly put together the best resources available in the industry.

A 'Typical' step-by-step process


Halal Certification Process

We shall handle all documentation and requirements associated with earning a ‘HALAL CERTIFICATION’ for your company and products. We will make this tedious process look like a walk in the park for you. 

Your cooperation in supplying the technical data and other pertinent information will, however, contribute towards a speedy and an efficient outcome.



You are encouraged to involve your current ‘Branding and Advertising’ agencies for this market as well. Nevertheless, our own creative team members will have to work in conjunction with yours in order to align the branding requirements with the HALAL Retail outlets and the consumer psychology.



Being our expertise, this would be entirely up to our Marketing department which will reach out to the appropriate distributors, wholesalers and retailers, employing suitable channels already in place.


Distribution Channels identified

Our relationships with multiple leading distributors and wholesalers in America and across the rest of the World allows us to virtually reach every nook and corner of the 'HALAL Retail' network anywhere on the Globe.



We take pride in our top skills for negotiating with the toughest and the top players in the business worldwide. Our mix of team members that hail from major markets of the World will eliminate the cross-cultural barriers for you. You will not even feel the bumps.


Sales Assistance

KBDC will strive to promote and sell your products through motivating distributors and retailers, streamlining the sales process and most importantly - monitoring the progress.


After Sales Customer Service

If you prefer, we could dedicate a team member at our end that would be trained just for addressing any concerns or questions regarding your products. Of course, there would be an extra charge for this service.

Please note that each case would be unique and the tasks could be different from one client to another. The above may change significantly in reality and this process is just to give a general idea to our potential clients.

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