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We excel at sourcing the latest in technology stemming from the USA from various industries including Healthcare, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, 3D Printing and Manufacturing in general. 

Our team packages these technologies along with the manufacturers and technology developers and introduces them to the International emerging markets that are growing exponentially.

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Manufacturers utilizing State-of-the-art technology in manufacturing ranging from the Auto, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Food & Beverage and many more industries may wish to set up their manufacturing facilities at the incredible 'FREE ZONES' in developing countries where they offer incredible incentives.

We can assist them with Turnkey services in setting up such plants.


Technology Transfer

We strive to package the technology for export and every effort Is made to

assure that it Ii;

  • Exportable

  • Valuable

  • Implementable

  • Feasible


So As To Make The Match–Making Process Possible and Meaningful

For All Parties.

We also manage certifications.

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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) healthcare industry is expected to be valued at US$ 200 billion by year 2025.

The region consists of 400 million people.

The prospects for new healthcare facilities are  completely open and new technologies are welcomed by local investors and partners. 

The incentives are very attractive.

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