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KHAN Business Development Company has compiled a basic structure for fee for the services it offers to its clients and is categorized into three groups.


30 Days


Certifying Agency Fixed Fee for EACH site certification = $ 2,500 per year
Audit Fee - $350 to $ 750 for each product = $ 500 (assuming 1 Product)
*Air Fare for 2 auditors = $ 1,000
Hotel stay for 2 auditors for 2 nights = $ 600
Car rental for 3 days = $ 300
Total Official Fee = $ 4,900
KHAN Business Development Company Fixed Consulting Fee = $ 3,999
*Airfare, Hotel stay for 3 nights, Car rental for 3 days = $ 1,000
Total KBDC Consulting Fee + Expenses = $ 4,999

Please add $500 Avg. for each additional product for estimation purposes ONLY.


4 to 6 Months


Manufacturing Compliance Process
Product Line & Market Segment Determination
Marketing Plan
Distributor & Agent Selection + Negotiations
KBDC Turn-key Fee = Starting at US$ 5,000
The above services are different from case to case
The consultancy fee may vary as per the nature of the project.
This is to provide an idea for a basic agreement
This step will only commence once the Halal Certification is received

The TIME-LINE is also contingent upon the nature of the tasks at hand.


3 to 5 MONTHS


Sales Network set up
Logistics + Distribution Planning
Sales Monitoring Program
International Sales Channels aligned
Domestic Sales Channels aligned
These tasks are contingent upon the nature of the project or service
Domestic Sales (U.S.A.) Commission = 7%
International Sales Commission = 12%
KBDC would be looking for a long-term Sales arrangement
KBDC will act as the Consultant and advisor ONLY

The Client will have to implement & improvise the plans submitted by KBDC


  1. The above tasks commence upon successful receipt of ‘HALAL CERTIFICATION’ from the authorized agency.

  2. * The Airfare is only applicable for a distance of more than 200 miles from The Woodlands, Texas 77382.

  3. The time-line, tasks, remarks and steps are just to provide an idea as to how the project would generally play out. However, each application is different and the above may vary slightly or considerably on a case-to case basis.

  4. There will be some overlap between ALL Service categories mentioned above.

  5. The consulting fee is to provide a general idea and is by no means the final expense billed to the client. This is completely open to negotiations between KBDC and the client and could be less or more than what is mentioned above.

  6. KBDC will act as a consultant and perform its tasks accordingly. It will be the responsibility of the client and its team/employees to implement the instructions and follow the advice provided by KBDC. The consultant will NOT directly execute any tasks mentioned above except those related to dealings with parties and entities outside the jurisdiction of the client, such as the HALAL Certification agencies, Distributors, Agents, Exporters, Advertising and Branding firms, Law Firms, Government agencies, and so forth.

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