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We have robust relationships with our 'Strategic Partners' in global 'Mega-markets' who are leaders and experts in their fields including Distributors, Agents, Project Developers & prominent Business Groups.

  • Certification Process where required

  • Branding

  • Negotiations

  • Marketing

  • Logistics

  • Distribution Channels Identified

  • Execution of Plans

  • Sales Assistance

  • After Sales Customer Service

Executive Young Female Personal Mentor.j

NEWVISION Ventures International is your ‘One-Stop’ strategic partner that can UNLOCK these tremendous opportunities for you.


Our 'Turn-key' Services Include;

  • Technology Transfer

  • Aligning International Distributors & Agents

  • Creating Joint Venture Partnerships

  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Projects

  • Transferring Manufacturing Knowhow of any kind



  • Market Research

  • Branding

  • Marketing

  • Logistics

  • Licensing

  • Manufacturing Facilitation at Overseas 'Free Zones' 

... and much more​

'Hidden Gems'

Our research brings us unprecedented opportunities and we have proudly unearthed quite a few in the past.

Allow us to UNLOCK huge opportunities for you as your ‘One-source’ Strategic Partner.

We offer Turn-key services from Production to Retail Market across the World.

Outsource us your entire journey from scratch to the retail shelves, Globally.

Our team will be with you at each and every step of the process from your manufacturing to delivering and merchandising your products at the shelves of the final outlets.

Let us and our Specialist Strategic Affiliates steer you through your entire journey to success. 

Our 'Turn-key Services' will take you right through from Consultation to Implementation across The World. 

Turnkey Services

Our 'Turn-key Services' are designed to 'Unlock' such markets for its clients who are USA based manufacturers of various products and have strong aspirations for expanding into untapped markets.

Strategic Partnerships in Respective Markets 

We create strategic alliances with the leaders in fields and industries that excel at providing solutions for  the tasks on hand including top Distributors & Agents covering the following markets:

  • SouthEast Asia - 1.8 billion people.

  • The Middle East & North Africa (MENA) - 400 million population. 

  • The Far East - 500 million population.


Global Market Research

Our process for identifying these rich and emerging markets involves vigorous and thorough research through personal visits to the eccentric regions in question and meeting the top Distributors, Agents, Business groups, Ministries, Chambers of Commerce, Professionals and so forth.

"Outsource your entire journey to us and we shall take you from scratch to the retail shelves Globally within no time."

​Shahed Khan - President & CEO

 NEWVISION Ventures International

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