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The inclination is towards;

  • Halal healthy lifestyle

  • Growing demand for Halal cosmetics & products

  • Halal practices on the increase Globally

  • Health, medicine and Halal pharmacy emerging fast

  • The importance of Halal consumption due to more religious awareness

For countries with food safety issues, 'Halal Certification' adds an extra level of credibility, thus the benefits of selling to Huge markets such as China, Malaysia and Indonesia.

“A full 87 percent of Muslims consider religion ‘very important’. Plus, many halal values - such as humane treatment of animals and proper care of one’s body with pure foods - naturally overlap with emerging ethically-minded consumer values.”

– Asma Ahad – Marketing Director at a leading organization and has worked with Costco, ARAMARK, FNCE, Research Chefs Association, the Food Export Association and Kraft Foods. She initiated and lead Kraft's Muslim Marketing initiative.

Technavio analysts highlight the following three market drivers that are contributing to the growth of the Halal food market in the US:

  ·  Symbol of healthy food

  ·  Increasing sales through retail channels

  ·  Rising Muslim population in the country

The Muslim
Consumer Market
  • There are almost 10 million Muslims in America that frequent the Muslim Grocery Shops.

  • Most Muslims only go to HEB, Kroger, Walmart and such to buy soaps and shampoos.

  • All edible items are bought at Muslim Grocery Stores.

  • Muslims like and prefer to shop at single locations that offer the most diversified and largest variety of products.

  • Muslim consumer market is identical to the USA consumer market except for the HALAL aspect.

  • They have the same buying power.

  • Thus, they crave for brand name products but fear the credibility of ingredients being consistent with the requirements of the Islamic faith.

  • The Food and Drug Association (F.D.A.) has by far the most stringent regulations and enforcement laws compared to its counterparts across the World.

  • The research behind the production and manufacturing process extends over decades.

  • The U.S.A. manufacturing regulations are the toughest in the World resulting into clean and virtually non-existent hazardous products as compared to other countries.

  • The U.S.A. is the World leader in innovation and technology and introduces new items and ideas to the market more than any other nation.

  • Clinical Studies are authentic and based upon  trustworthy data.

  • Genuine after sales support & and efficient Customer service.

  • Highly reliable distribution channels and state-of-the-art logistics.

The Muslim Consumer Trusts
USA Manufacturers
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