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KHAN Business Development Company offers full assistance in applying for the certification and overcoming any cultural barriers and hurdles during the process.

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KBDC has entered into an understanding with the leading organization offering the ‘Halal Certification’ service and the only one that is accepted in The United States of America as well as all the major Global markets.


Thus, you do not have to apply at different ‘Halal Certifying’ agencies for different Global markets or product lines.

The process generally entails the following steps for obtaining HALAL Certification;

  1. Halal certification application to the certification granting authority

  2. Application evaluation by the authority

  3. You and KBDC will be notified of the subsequent steps that could entail further instructions, request for more information, other certifications such as F.D.A., U.S.D.A. and so forth

  4. *Halal certification agreement and price quote for exact number of products will be sent to you and KBDC

  5. On-site audit of the client's manufacturing facility by the certification granting authority

  6. Certification decision

*(US$ 2,500 -$3,000 Fixed Fee per year + $350 to $750 per product – Please see the ‘PRICING’ section of this website for details)

KHAN Business Development Company shall be there with you at every step of the process and make the journey easy for you.

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